WhiskerCloud CEO Adam Greenbaum chats with Dr. Ivan Zak, CEO of Galaxy Vets, about the importance of reducing burnout in veterinary medicine and how he came back after leaving veterinary medicine because of burnout.

Galaxy Vets is a veterinary healthcare system co-owned by its employees. With a mission to give veterinary medicine back to veterinarians, Galaxy Vets allocates equity in the organization to its employees — veterinarians, specialists, technicians, administrative staff, and relief workforce — making them co-owners of and shareholders in the entire network. Practice owners who partner with Galaxy Vets become shareholders and continue growing their value while their team enjoys Galaxy Vets’ benefits and burnout prevention program.

Founded in 2021, Galaxy Vets partners with general practices across the U.S. with the goal of building a vertically integrated healthcare system consisting of general practices, emergency, and specialty hospitals enhanced by retail diagnostic centers, virtual care, and a membership services model. So join us on our mission to give veterinary medicine back to veterinarians!

Episode note: there were some challenging conversations on this podcast episode. If you are struggling, there are resources to help. Many veterinary professionals are in crisis. Not One More Vet provides the necessary support to all members of veterinary teams and students who are struggling or considering suicide. Because you are good enough, and you are never alone.

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