So you want to do a photo contest to create some buzz on your social media pages but cannot decide which platform to use? Today, we’ll help you make the decision on the battle of Facebook vs Instagram.

First, let’s talk about Facebook.

Facebook is your best social media platform to market your business. The business pages allow you to have a phone number, address, reviews, hours, and post messages directly to your fans. Plus, Facebook allows you to host the contest right on your page, leading to more engagement coming directly to you. You can have your clients email in their favorite photos of their pet and you’ll be able to create an album on your Facebook page. Set the rules that every like, comment, and share equal one vote for that image. Not only will people share their post and best their friends to come like your page, it will also be shared on their Facebook page as they engage with your images, driving your impressions and reach way up! At the end of the day, Facebook is your number one social media marketing tool, so they get a big vote from us in the battle of Facebook vs Instagram. Trust us, sometimes a lot of likes, shares, and comments on a Facebook page can lead to posts going viral – just like this one on our Facebook page!

facebook vs instagram

Instagram has more engagement than any other social media network.

It’s true, the engagement on Instagram is through the roof compared to any other social media networks. If you post beautiful photos, use proper hashtags (10-12 good ones), and tag your location – you’ll grow your page quickly and get killer engagement. The problem with hosting a photo contest on Instagram is that there are really only two ways to do it.

1. You invite your patients to use a hashtag that you’ve created and ask them to tag you, most likes wins.
2. You have to post 20+ photos in a row and host the entire thing on your page, kind of troublesome and a lot to manage.

While Instagram is a wonderful social media network for engagement, we recommend hosting your next photo contest on Facebook.

In today’s battle of Facebook vs Instagram, Facebook is our winner! We cannot wait to see what photo contest ideas you come up with!

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