An employee portal page on your website helps you store all of your important processes, protocols, and information in one place. The best part of this employee portal page is that it can be built into your custom veterinary website from WhiskerCloud right now at no additional cost.

How does the veterinary employee portal page work?

We’ll create a custom page for you and protect it with a password that you set. You’ll be able to give the password to your employees, and by entering the page, they’ll have access to all of the information you’ve provided us to post behind the login challenge.

If you have someone leave that you don’t want to have access to this private information anymore, we can quickly change the password to ensure your team information stays safe.

It’s that simple.

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The page can be as custom as you’d like—you can have downloadable PDFs, toggles, forms, word documents, images, videos, and really anything you’d like to see. You can even have multiple pages that live behind this password-protected wall.

What type of information can be shared on the employee portal page?

This is your chance to put everything you want employees to know in one place online. The great thing about this page is that your employees can access it anytime with the password provided and find the information they’re looking for.

This information includes things like:

  • The hospital wifi password
  • The employee handbook
  • Employee benefit information
  • Self-evaluation paperwork
  • Cleaning protocols
  • How to create invoices or estimates in your practice management system
  • Employee hour recording
  • Open career opportunities

Just remember—your website is custom-built for you. Meaning you can have anything you’d like on this page!

What are other veterinary clinics adding to their employee portal pages?

These pages are your private space, but we’d love to share some of the awesome things our customers have done on their private intranet pages.

This clinic did an incredible job creating PDFs for all of their processes and documenting them in one place for their employees to access anytime.

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Our next website has two private pages—a portal for the doctors and an employee portal for the team. The employee page has nearly 50 PDFs for team members to download things like AAHA protocols, COVID-19 protocols, employee agreements, the company handbook, and more! We work closely with this team to update this page every time they make a change at the hospital. We have blurred the clinic’s name to protect their privacy.

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The final site we’d like to showcase has done a fantastic job of showcasing their company benefits all in one place for their employees. They also have forms for employees to order company t-shirts, upload weekly reports, and add weekly staff meeting notes. We have blurred the clinic’s name to protect their privacy.

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Are you ready to start an employee portal page?

We’re here to help you build it. WhiskerCloud customers get unlimited supports and custom edits on their website—just email us at and let us know what you’d like on the page, and our team will begin working on it. Ensure that you have all of your forms, protocols, and information ready to be uploaded when you send it to us. We look forward to giving you a central place for all of your most crucial team information!

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