Digital advertising is not always easy, and a pandemic doesn’t make it any easier. Throw in the madness that comes from an election year, and you get a perfect storm of digital advertising chaos. However, if you’re able to maximize your budget and focus on low-hanging fruit, your veterinary hospital can thrive with proper digital advertising management.

This is the study of three clients, their budgets, and the success they found from WhiskerCloud’s digital advertising management. Told by our Advertising Manager, Brandon Breshears.

Client #1

This client was spending over $4,500 a month with a major agency and averaging $11 per click. We’re proud to say that the same client is spending $2.93 per click over the last 30 days. How did we do that? We focused the budget, went after transactional keywords, and focused on adding negative keywords early and often. We’ve been working with this client for over a year now, and they’ve seen consistent growth in their practice month over month since the beginning. We’ve been able to get them four times the results and have also added direct call ads to their practice. We make sure to daypart the ads to ensure that the “call us now” ads only run during business hours.

Data from the last 30 days:

  • 1,798 additional website visitors at a cost of $2.93 cents per click
  • 893 additional calls directly from the ads
WhiskerCloud Ads

Client #2

Since starting with this general practice, we’ve been able to eliminate thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. The client had originally followed best practices and suggestions that ended up costing them greatly because the keywords they were targeting were far too broad. As a result, they were wasting massive amounts of their budget on keywords like:

Negative Keywords 1
Negative Keywords 2

This client was not spending small amounts of money—the campaigns they had running were wasting at least half of the ad spend spent over $18,000.

Wasted Ad Money

They were reaching people who were searching for the DMV phone number, the police department, and tons of other non-relevant keywords. Even worse, they had no clue they were wasting their precious ad dollars, while also time-wasting their employees’ time handling the wrong kinds of calls.

We quickly optimized the keywords and ad sets for the specific services and client types they’re looking to attract. After cutting all of the waste, we’ve been able to help create consistent growth in this highly competitive area.

In the past 30 days, we’ve gotten 742 website visitors at $1.24 per click. On top of the web traffic, we’ve also been able to get 114 calls in the past 30 days as well. 

End result: over 100 new clients in the past month!

Client #3

This client had been hit very hard by the COVID lockdowns. A large majority of their clients were coming from overseas travelers, and with the border lockdowns, they were very worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep the doors open.

We added search campaigns to attract puppies, kittens, dental procedures, and general new clients as well.

This market is a very densely populated metro area and there are huge amounts of competition. Since starting the campaigns, we’ve been able to drop costs per click from a starting number of $8 per click down to $4.06 per click in the past 30 days (down 5% from the previous 30 day period).

Google Ads Chart

In addition to the 150 website visitors, we’ve gotten this practice 85 calls in the last 30 days. The decision to start running ads has been crucial to keeping the growth of this practice and staying open through the pandemic.

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