What’s action-packed, a little nerdy, and full of surprises? Taking on a role as the Vice President of Business Development at WhiskerCloud.

A VP role might sound like a magical fairytale where birds come and dress me and little mice inspire me, but here are 4 things that really happened during my first week.

1. I realized Adam is a crazy person perfectionist.

A bold statement to make about the CEO of our company? Maybe. True? Definitely.

Although I obviously work with teams in my role as marketing director for DrAndyRoark.com & the Uncharted Veterinary Conference, I tend to fly pretty solo during my day-to-day tasks. Add Snout School and practice management to my resume, and you have a pretty lone wolf.

My first week at WhiskerCloud has been anything but lonely. Working with Adam means I have found the one millennial who isn’t afraid of the phone, as evidenced by my call log:

Adam likes to get stuff done, and the jury is still out on whether or not he sleeps. This might terrify some people, but I love it. The veterinary industry needs to step up its internet marketing game ASAP, and insanely passionate people are the ones that will force it to happen.

2. Reality check: I need a constant crash course in time management

What’s an extreme sport? Accepting a role at a new company on a week you also have 3 speaking events, an interview with a veterinary journal and a new membership to one of those cult-like spin gyms.

There’s something in me – probably from my practice management days – that makes me love having roughly 29384029 types of jobs to do on a given day.

I channeled my former practice manager mindset and remembered how important it is to schedule the “predictable” tasks for first thing in the morning. Just like a veterinary hospital, anything can come up during a day at WhiskerCloud. (See lesson #1).

Making that small change has been a huge help, as has putting my phone on airplane mode, turning on the BrainWave app, and crushing through my to-do list.

That being said, I only made it to spin class once, I have a serious caffeine problem, and I should totally wash my hair more often. If you are a time management wizard, get at me.


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3. I found out that Google is coming for your vet clinic’s website.

A lot of my time during my first week at WhiskerCloud involved joining Adam on demo calls.

Not to be a nerdy Chicken Little, but this is when I realized how huge of an issue website security is about to be. Obviously, if you have veterinary clients filling out forms on your site, you want their information protected.Having an SSL certificate on your page is one way to do this. All WhiskerCloud sites come with one included, but things are about to get real weird in July when Chrome starts marking all http sites as “insecure.”I loved seeing that WhiskerCloud is on top of this upcoming change. Adam even fixed the code on my family’s veterinary hospital website while I was on a call with him, so excuse me while I drink the Kool-Aid.If you want to check the status of your veterinary hospital’s website security, you can use the WhyNoPadlock tool or jump on a demo call with us.

giphy 1

4. We can do better than John Doe

Between demos and speaking events, I directly interacted with over 100 veterinary hospitals in the last week alone.

You’d think this would get redundant, but no two clinics are the same. I went to a veterinary ER with a clinic cat named Ewok, and I met a practice who does hysterical puns on their signs. In real life, animal hospitals convey what makes them unique.

But online, I found a hospital that had a “testimonial” from a client literally named “John Doe” on their website. Uncovering this flaw has literally kept me up at night. In a world where veterinary hospitals are so different from one another, it’s a disservice to let such generic content represent them.

Ever since I founded SnoutSchool.com, it has been my mission to help veterinary hospitals convey who they are online. If there is one true takeaway from my first week at WhiskerCloud, it is that my passion to conquer that mission is reignited.

Let’s nerd out about what makes your practice special and how you can convey that online.

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