WhiskerCloud is proud to work with veterinary professionals of all different backgrounds to help them grow their business online. We’re most proud to work with various people with many backgrounds, which led us to partner with incredible organizations such as the Latinx Veterinary Medical Association and the Multicultural Veterinary Medical Association.

Today, we’re excited to spotlight the incredible Dr. Carlos Lloveras-Fuentes from Veterinary Center of Parker, Inc. in Parker, Colorado. Only 5.5% of the veterinary industry is Latinx. Latinx Veterinary Medical Association’s goal is to support and encourage Latin professionals within the industry and promote practice growth. The organization offers mentorship programs, career opportunities, and continuing education for members. During this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to recognize Latinx veterinarians and the impact they’ve had within the industry. Dr. Carlos has led the veterinary team at Veterinary Center of Parker Inc. in Colorado and has impacted the community. Originally from Puerto Rico, he has been involved in VetMed since a young teen. His story is nothing short of remarkable.

Since launching its website in May 2020, VC Parker has used their platform to share each member’s story. In that time, the clinic has reached over 36,000 people, and their team page is the second most visited page on their website. Telling your story matters.

Here’s what Dr. Carlos and his colleagues have to say about their practice and what it means to be Latinx in this industry:

What made you want to go into VetMed?
Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was exposed to the significant population of stray pets on the Island. As I participated with rescue organizations, I began to experience the human-animal bond established between the rescued pets and their humans. I decided to become a vet to help many of these animals in need and promote the human-animal bond.

What are the values you promote as a practice/veterinarian?
Inclusion – Creating an environment where everybody is welcomed, appreciated, and feels confident whether they’re part of the team or bringing their pets to us.
Respect – Promoting a place where everyone works together and respects each other. This allows for open communication that helps define work dynamics and properly address any concerns.
Trust – It’s essential to maintain proper communication between the team and the pet owners to create trust and help them make the best decision for their pet’s wellbeing.

What do you want to share with the industry during Hispanic Heritage Month?
I would love to see the number of Latinx vets continue to increase and build a stronger community. Everyone is leaving their mark and having an impact on the lives of humans and animals worldwide. With platforms like this, I hope we can get our stories across more individuals and inspire new generations of Latinx veterinary professionals.

How do you share your story through your website?
We share our entire team so people can get to know us ahead of time, link to our social platforms to connect with us further, and get to see and understand what we do.

How has the practice improved since switching over to WhiskerCloud?
We have been able to bring in more candidates for one. In our job postings, we urge them to visit our website to get to know us better, and in our interviews, almost every person comments on how well laid out and inviting our website is and that it was a huge factor in their decision apply with us. We also have noticed an increase in website hits which we attribute in good part to SEO.

What are some of the customizations you’ve made to your site that bring out DEI?
The accessibility menu, having different ways for people to interact with us and contact us, including written copy, videos, buttons that directly connect them to us, etc.

What changes do you want to see in VetMed?
I want to see diversity and equality increase in veterinary medicine and improve the work-life balance as an industry. We need to stop normalizing overworking and burnout, as it affects the mental health of many veterinary professionals. Lastly, I would like to see better wages for our technicians and supportive staff. These individuals are an integral part of our industry and deserve better compensation for their hard work.

What are your goals as a lead veterinarian?
As a lead veterinarian, I want to help the practice’s growth and promote a positive relationship between doctors and the supportive staff. When everybody trusts, values, and respects each other, we are more efficient as a practice and can tackle any obstacles that come our way.

How do you promote DEI and BIPOC individuals in the industry?
By guiding and sharing my story with younger BIPOC to motivate these individuals to follow their dreams. Also, by participating in online forums where BIPOC can share their stories and support each other.

What conversations do you want to see more of in VetMed?
We need to continue to discuss the lack of diversity in veterinary medicine and how to address it adequately. Lack of diversity is a systematic problem that needs to be addressed from the preparation of students to apply to veterinary school. Promote equality and advancement of BIPOC within the industry.

How do you include DEI in your hiring process?
I have not hired anybody recently. When the time arrives, I plan to consider every aspect of the applicant as an individual.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Latinx Veterinary Medical Association, we recommend the story behind the Latinx VMA.

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