This morning Facebook announced that big changes were coming to the design of their business pages, with a renewed focus on the connection between you and your clients. With a renewed visual aspect, content directly from your veterinary team as well as beautiful design will be important when you showcase your clinic as well as your services.

Below are the big changes coming from Facebook to watch out for:

  • Updating Pages: We’re redesigning Pages on mobile to make it even easier for people to interact with local businesses and find what they need most. For example, you can make a reservation at a restaurant; book an appointment at a salon; or see most recent photos, upcoming Events, and Offers. You can also now see Stories on Pages to get to know the people behind the business.
  • Making Recommendations from your community more helpful: People use Recommendations to ask their communities where to go, where to eat, or where to shop. We’re making those Recommendations more prominent on Pages.
  • Continuing to build Events: 700 million people use Facebook Events each month to find things to do in their communities. This includes organizations like CUESA, a local agricultural nonprofit, that uses Events to connect local farms with shoppers in person. And if want to get tickets to an event, you can buy them right from the Event on Facebook. Events that sell tickets directly on Facebook have seen two times more people getting tickets than when they’re ticketed on a website alone.
  • Expanding our jobs tool to help more people find work: Local businesses create more than 60% of new jobs. We want to help people find those jobs and help local businesses hire the right people, so we’re expanding our job application tool to everywhere in the world.
  • Taking steps to make finding a local spot quicker: You can now browse a “Local” section in your Facebook app and a standalone Facebook Local app for businesses around you, see what places are most recommended, and check out which events your friends are attending.


Facebook Small Business Pages

The WhiskerCloud social media team is here to help you adapt to these big changes and to help you make sure you’re putting your best foot forward on Facebook. Stay tuned for more design ideas as the changes continue to roll out! We’ll be updating this story as we get more information.

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