WhiskerCloud started with an idea – modernize the veterinary industry. Of course, we can say we want to modernize the industry all we want, but it was all based on a hunch. Like any test, we needed to gather data. So, we did our research and randomly selected 500 veterinary websites from the United States. These veterinary websites will remain anonymous although I’d bet at least a few of you reading this are on the list. We tested the sites for mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization meta tags, analytics codes, site speed, and security. We were a little shocked by the results – the sites scored well below web averages across the board. We took the data and insights from the veterinary websites and built a platform. Just like that, WhiskerCloud was born!

We packaged the data and created a seven-page presentation for you to download and look over. We’d love your feedback, thoughts, ideas, and anything else you’d like to offer.

Of course, we’d also like to show you a demo of the WhiskerCloud platform and work with you. We love veterinarians, and we built a world-class platform to help them with their digital needs.

Before we share the case study with you, we’d like to explain what we’re looking at.

Every website needs these things.

Mobile Responsive


Your site should look great and function on all devices, period.

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Clean Coding


Your site needs correct tagging so Google can list it – SEO and analytics.

Database Cloud 128

Fast and Secure


Load times and security affect everything on your site, are you prepared?

Without further ado, we’d like to present our case study. We’ve shared this with industry professionals in the veterinary space and received most of the same feedback, “that’s not surprising.” We want to change that perception of this industry. Are you with us? Do you want your own custom veterinary website?
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