Have you hit a lull in your social media engagement? Maybe you’ve worked your way up, but now you’ve plateaued. One of the most frequent questions WhiskerCloud gets is “How can I increase my social media engagement?” Well, we’re happy to say we have an answer for you – and it’s a lot simpler than you may have thought!

Everyone loves a cute quote, a helpful article, or a viral video, but what people love to see even more are their own pets! Being featured on a website or social media account is always fun and gives someone a little sense of accomplishment. They’re likely to share this post with friends and comment about their experience. Sharing photos of your patients will make their owners feel proud!

Proven Results: A Case Study

WhiskerCloud has managed social media for a small animal hospital for quite some time now, and with definite success. The clinic was looking for a boost and reached out to us for recommendations. Our recommendation was for them to send us photos they take of their patients to be featured on social media. Within two weeks of doing so, they saw dramatic results.

By sharing photos from their hospital of specific patients and behind the scenes giving their followers an inside look at daily life, this clinic was able to:

  • Increase engagement 50%
  • Increase impressions 91%
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Make New Friends, But Re-Engage the Old

It’s not only about generating new followers as much as it is about re-engaging your current ones. Increasing followers should always be top of mind, but new followers don’t mean much if your fanbase is unengaged. The clinic in this case study saw a dramatic increase in engagement from current followers, meaning more people saw their content than ever before even though they were already following the page. The more you share from your hospital, the more your followers will engage with the content!

How To Implement This Change And Start Seeing Results

  1. Make sure you get consent from your clients before posting their pet’s photo. You can have a conversation with them about it or even add it to your patient forms.
  2. Share these photos with WhiskerCloud. Even if WhiskerCloud manages your social media, we have no way of seeing what goes on in your clinic on a daily basis. We rely entirely on you to share these photos with us. Plus, we love getting to see all of the adorable cats and dogs! When you send us photos and videos from your hospital, we will create fun graphics and unique posts for you. We’re happy to edit the photos, create graphics, and add watermarks if you’d like.
  3. Add a photo gallery to your website. What’s better than taking photos of your patients to share on social media? Having your clients create the content for you! A photo gallery on your website with a submission form will allow your clients to submit their own photos to be added to your website and social media and can include the consent form to share their photos. Your clients will love getting to see their furbabies featured on your website, too!

What if I already post photos of our patients?

If you’ve seen a plateau in engagement even though you share photos of your patients, another thing to do is to evaluate the types of posts that generate more excitement than others. Is there something that stands out to you with disproportionate engagement to your other posts? Take that idea and run with it! Using your past posts and reviewing the analytics regarding reach, engagement, and clicks is a great way to determine the type of content to post in the future.

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