At the risk of sounding super corny, things tend to “heat up” at veterinary clinics during the summer. There are kittens coming out of the woodwork, emergencies skyrocket, and the phone starts ringing off the hook.

Running around like a chicken with your head cut off feels productive, but converting business and driving compliance is real #goals.

There’s a lot you can do in the exam room to improve compliance and efficiency, but these hectic times are also a perfect chance to have your website and social media do some of the work for you.

Not only that but being proactive online makes you a partner in guiding clients as they navigate caring for their pet. My friend Dr. Jessica Vogelsang speaks on the importance of changing the perception of vets as “the bad guy.” Taking the lead role in helping pet owners online is an important step to addressing that issue.

Here are three timely topics you can focus on promoting online during the summer to passively amp up compliance, build partnerships with pet parents, and make phone calls more efficient.

1. Amp up your kitten game

“So we found a kitten and need to get him seen ASAP…”

There’s no shortage of kittens during the summer months, but being bombarded by baby cat bombs isn’t a business plan.

Get ahead of the curve (and make your phone conversations more efficient) by pushing out educational information about kittens NOW.

Our friends at Frontier Veterinary Hospital have a whole page just dedicated to kitten care. This is a powerful resource they can link up to on any social media posts about kittens to drive traffic and establish authority in their local area.

Bonus tip: If you have a kitten page like theirs, have your customer service representatives plug it when they’re booking kitten exams. A simple, “Check out!” can help pet owners be educated – and more compliant – when they get to your hospital.

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2. Pump up parasite prevention

You know those frantic, “OUR HOUSE JUST GOT INFESTED WITH FLEAS! HELP!” calls?

Here’s the thing: We know that didn’t happen overnight. Be a partner in parasite prevention by sharing proactive information emphasizing year-round protection on your blog and social media.

Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic has a simple flea, tick, and heartworm page on their website that works for them as a simple place to drive traffic to from their social or email campaigns.

Bonus tip: Use the Companion Animal Parasite Council’s maps to find local parasite prevalence stats for your state or county. Sharing a quick video on your social media featuring your team talking about local risks will resonate more with pet owners than generic content. Plus, you could link up to more information in the caption!

3. Avoid Vaccine Vexations

“But we’re leaving for vacation tomorrow, and he needs vaccines to be boarded.”

Sigh. Having spent a third of my life answering phones at a veterinary hospital, I know a thing or two about these kinds of clients.

Instead of getting frustrated, help them to be better prepared. Sharing information on vaccines pets need before being boarded can serve as a helpful reminder to a busy pet owner in need of a little assistance.

The savvy squad at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital used their WhiskerCloud blog to give pet owners 5 important tips pet owners need to know before boarding a pet, including vaccines that frequently are required by kennels.

Bonus Tip: Pull an Arvada West! They cleverly had the WhiskerCloud team include a form at the bottom of their blog where clients can book to help convert blog traffic to new business.

Be a proactive partner

As we enter this busy time, think about how you can leverage your website and social media presence to avoid future headaches.

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