Answers to all of your questions.

Answers to questions you have before signing up.

What is WhiskerCloud?

WhiskerCloud is located in Huntington Beach, CA and we love veterinarians! We were built to help modernize the veterinary industry and help them join the rest of the world in 2018. Not only do we create the world’s most beautiful veterinary websites, but we’ll also host them for you on our cloud server that is loaded with security and speed features. In addition, we’ll do all of your SEO, provide you with analytics, handle your social media, equip you with an SSL certificate, handle all web changes, and more. We offer three monthly plans that work for clinics of all sizes.

What makes WhiskerCloud different?

We hate templates. Our sites are built from scratch with the type of features you see on the world’s largest brand’s websites. Beautiful photography and videos, custom code, local and hard coded SEO, and a team of people to manage everything for you. Never again will you have to wait for a change to be made on your website. We’re here to take all of your digital needs off of your plate.

How much does WhiskerCloud cost?

We have three plans that work for veterinary clinics of all sizes. We do run specials, but our usual price is $699 (however, we do run specials sometimes) for the design and launch of your new, custom website. We’ll even rebrand your clinic with a new logo, branding package, colors, and give you a complete digital refresh.

You can find all of our pricing information here: https://whiskercloud.com/pricing/

How long will it take to launch my new website?

Signing up with WhiskerCloud takes five minutes. Once our agreement is signed online, we ask you to fill out a quick survey to give us some insight into the type of site you’d like to see. We also want to know of any custom features you’d like to have. Once completed, you’ll be looking at your new website within 10-14 business days (sometimes even sooner). With your final edits, we’ll make tweaks and get your website perfect for you.

Everything you need to know once your new website launches.

I've given WhiskerCloud the thumbs up, what happens next?

Once you give us the final approval on your website, our team will get it launched on our cloud platform. The process usually takes 10-30 minutes, and just like that, your new website is live. Once started, our team will turn on your Google Analytics to track everything on every single page of your website. We’ll also index all of the SEO work we’ve done with Google, so you’ll shoot up the search engine rankings. Please note: it can take up to a week for you to see your new site properly indexed by Google. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

How do we get changes made to our website?

Our team has your back. Whether you need a website change, a new page, or something posted on your social media pages – our digital team is here to help. Any and all questions and modifications can be sent to our team at digital@whiskercloud.com. Our team will get back to you quickly and get you taken care of. No question is too big or too small, and no request is more important than the other. If you need anything, please email our support team.

How will I know how my new website is doing?

After your first full month, our team will send you a Google Analytics dashboard full of important key performance indicators on your website. If you are on our social media plan, we’ll also include a five-page social media analytics dashboard to show you the type of engagement your brand is getting on social media. If you have any questions about the data we’re sending or would like to see more data, please let our team know! You can ask questions any time to our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com.

What type of updates should we be making?

We get this question a lot. We want to know everything going on at your clinic. We can build custom landing pages for monthly specials, add photos to your photo gallery, new custom buttons for a new pet insurance you’re offering, pictures of your staff to add to your website and social media pages, anything. We want to see it! Please continue to send our support team any updates, and they’ll get them live for you!

Your analytics, explained.

I received my Google Analytics dashboard, what does this all mean?

We get this question a lot. The dashboard we’ve built to send to you is loaded with numbers and information. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things you see on your dashboard.

Visitors: This is the number of unique people that came to your site during a given period. When we send a monthly dashboard, you are seeing the actual number of different people that have come to your website during that month.

Visits: This is the number of times those visitors visited your site during the month. This number will always be higher than visitors because most visitors will come back more than once.

Pageviews: This shows us how many times the pages on your website was loaded during the month. Each visitors is worth one to the visitor column but can lead to multiple visits and pageviews. If you have more than 2x the number of pageviews to visitors, you’re doing good!

How do people find your website? This is important to us. We want to know who is sending you traffic and how people are finding you.

Organic: This comes from (free) search engine traffic. If you have a high percentage of your traffic coming from an organic source, our SEO is working!

Referral: This comes from other websites and social media accounts. Whether you’re featured on local listing websites or have an active social media presence, this traffic is very valuable.

Direct: This is traffic coming from people that have either bookmarked your website or type your URL right into their web browser and go directly to your website.

We know our dashboard is full of numbers and graphs – if you have any further questions about any of the analytics we’ve provided you, please email our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com.

I received my social media dashboard, what does this all mean?

The social media dashboard we’ve built to send to you is loaded with numbers and information. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things you see on your dashboard.

Impressions: This number calculates how many times your social media posts were seen by people online. One person can lead to multiple impressions, but it’s good to get more impressions because it gets your message out there! This is the equivalent to pageviews on your Google Analytics dashboard.

Engagements: This is the total number of likes, comments, shares, and link clicks on your posts. More engagements mean more people see your posts. Having a more engaged audience means having an audience that values your opinion. When you tell your supporters how important Dental Health Month is, they’ll listen and bring their pets in!

Page Growth: Having more fans and followers online means more people that will receive and be able to interact with your message. Building a strong brand online is incredibly valuable to your clinic and will mean more business in the long run.

We know our dashboard is over five pages – if you have any further questions about any of the analytics we’ve provided you, please email our support team at digital@whiskercloud.com.

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