Having a strong social media presence is essential for the success and growth of your veterinary hospital. Did you know that 95% of businesses worldwide use Facebook, and 1.6 billion people are connected to small businesses on the platform? Your clients want to connect with you on social media, so don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity!

WhiskerCloud offers total social media management for our clients, and our expert social team can help you create personalized content that is educational, engaging, and actionable, leading to more conversions to your website. However, as much as our team would love to be in your hospital every day helping snap patient photos, promoting monthly specials, and planning upcoming events, we haven’t quite figured out how to be in a thousand places at once! That’s where you come in! Work with our team to develop custom social media content catered to your hospital’s audience.

It’s all about conversion.

Engaging Social Post

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Do you have photos of your team in action or an inspiring patient story you’re excited to share? Is your hospital sponsoring a local event or participating in some amazing community outreach? WhiskerCloud can help you create and manage all your custom content month over month. How can your hospital take advantage of this? Just email us at digital@whiskercloud.com! To help you find some inspiration, check out some of the cool stuff WhiskerCloud has made for our clients in the past!

Team and Patient Photos and Features

One of our patients used photos of their beloved office cat, Olaf, a friendly and familiar face to all the patients of her hospital, to highlight the causes and dangers of pet obesity. In Olaf’s case, he was sneaking food from the bowls of the hospital’s foster kitties when the staff wasn’t looking!

Monthly Specials

Relevant Community Information

One of our clients reached out to us about an upcoming airshow in their community. We used this information as an opportunity to remind their clients to pick up their pet’s anxiety medication early.

Contests, Raffles, Giveaways

One of our clients wanted to educate her patients about the importance of pet insurance. She did a raffle in her hospital, but to encourage more pet parents to enter, we created a social graphic to help promote it.


Do you have an event coming up? An open house, a local event you’re sponsoring, or a conference one of your talented team members will be speaking at? We can create social posts reminding your clients about the event and even create a Facebook event page for you to track attendees, photos, and more! Contact our team at digital@whiskercloud.com today!