There is genuine psychology of colors and branding in the marketing of a veterinary business, and it’s essential to know the roles each color plays for your business. When choosing a color scheme for your veterinary hospital or clinic, it’s vital to consider the different psychological effects of each color and how potential customers will perceive them.

This image from Conversioner perfectly lays out the emotional power of each color.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for August

The power of color is more important than you think! The stats and studies say color plays an essential part in the buying process.

Kissmetrics says:

  • 85% of shoppers place color as the primary reason they buy a product.
  • Color increases brand recognition by 80% (You see red, you think Coca-Cola, right?).

Further studies show:

  • 93% rely on visual appearance when considering new products.
  • 85% say color alone is a primary reason for purchasing a product.
  • 90% say their impulse buys are based on color alone.

Do colors matter on a veterinary website?

Colors are fundamental to a veterinary website and the branding for your business. Every new customer that signs up with WhiskerCloud works with our team to pick the perfect colors for one simple reason – we want to get to know you and build around your brand profile. If you want to use red on your website, you are urgent, emergency, and need service now! If you use blue on your website, it means you are calm, honest, and trustworthy. Your colors matter to our team of designers just as much as to your potential customers.

What colors should I use for my veterinary website?

A few key colors work well for most veterinary websites – blue, green, and purple. Blue is known to be calming and trustworthy, two essential qualities in the veterinary industry. Green is known to be refreshing and natural, which can help promote healthy pet lifestyles. Purple is known to be luxurious and royal, which can help set your business apart from others in the industry if you’re looking to attract a higher-dollar customer to your business.

Let’s break down each color and why you should use it for your veterinary brand:


In clean, uncluttered websites, orange is a frequent choice for conversion elements like appointment request buttons. It stands out significantly from the majority of color palettes and is a color that people like – even if it’s in both men’s and women’s bottom three colors.


This one is for you, integrative veterinary businesses! The color green may be used to signify regeneration, cleanliness, health, and prosperity. Green is also used to represent wealth, rest, newness, and renewal. Green is additionally recognized as the most simple hue for our eyes to process on a website, making it easier for users to focus on other parts of the landing page.


This one is for you, emergency or urgent care veterinary businesses. When used in moderation, red may be an effective way to draw attention to a certain aspect, such as a call-to-action like a “Call Now” or “Appointment Request” button. In excessive doses, however, red can become overpowering. Red is associated with passion and love, as well as anger and risk.


Yellow is a lovely hue to use sparingly on a landing page or logo. It is most commonly associated with feelings of joy, humor, and optimism. However, since yellow may irritate the eyes if overused, you should employ it carefully. Yellow is wonderful for adding a little color to your design, but it’s probably not the best option as the focal point of your logo or website.


Blue is the most common color of veterinary branding, and our favorite color to build from. The color is associated with calm, tranquility, and stability, which is what all pet parents want for their pets throughout their life. Blue has a physical reaction on humans, by the way. The body produces chemicals that are soothing when you see the color blue, which leads to emotions of calmness and spirituality.


Have you just built the fanciest veterinary clinic in your city, purple may be for you! The color purple is associated with artistry, royalty, and money. It may have the same calming and soothing effect as blue, but it might also be used to generate curiosity depending on the hue. Use this color if you want to set yourself up as a luxury pet care business.

What color is best for a veterinary business?

There is no perfect answer for this. The best color is the one that you choose to build around. If you are an emergency veterinary clinic, think red for branding and design. If you are a calm, hometown veterinary business, go with blue for your branding. If you are new, fancy, and focused on a luxurious experience, you may want to consider purple.

WhiskerCloud customers get unlimited website changes and logo designs, and yes, this includes color changes. We look forward to helping you pick the perfect brand palette for your veterinary business.

Psychology of Color in Veterinary Marketing FAQs

Q: Why is the psychology of color critical in branding a veterinary business?

A: The psychology of color is significant in branding as it can influence a potential customer’s perception of your veterinary business. It’s a tool to evoke emotions and certain connotations associated with a color. For instance, a calm blue might portray trustworthiness, while vibrant red may symbolize urgency.

Q: How does color affect customers’ buying decisions?

A: Studies show that up to 85% of shoppers place color as the primary reason they buy a product. Also, color alone influences the purchase decision for 85% of people. Additionally, color can increase brand recognition by 80% and significantly impact impulse buying.

Q: Which colors are recommended for a veterinary website?

A: Blue, green, and purple are often recommended. Blue is calming and trustworthy, making it ideal for a business centered around care. Green symbolizes freshness and health, aligning with promoting healthy pet lifestyles. Purple, associated with luxury and royalty, can help set your business apart if you aim to attract a higher-end clientele.

Q: What do specific colors signify in branding?

  • Orange: Often used for conversion elements like appointment requests due to its significant standout quality.
  • Green: Represents regeneration, cleanliness, health, and prosperity. Ideal for integrative veterinary businesses.
  • Red: Effective for drawing attention to urgent elements. Best for emergency veterinary services.
  • Yellow: Associated with joy and optimism but should be used sparingly due to potential eye irritation.
  • Blue: Portrays calm, tranquility, and stability. Perfect for businesses offering long-term care.
  • Purple: Associated with luxury, artistry, and wealth. Ideal for luxury pet care businesses.

Q: Is there a universally best color for a veterinary business?

A: No, there isn’t a universally best color. The optimal color for your veterinary business largely depends on the nature of your services and the perception you want to create. Emergency clinics might opt for red, while a serene, hometown veterinary business could choose blue.

Q: Can I change my veterinary business’s branding color with WhiskerCloud?

A: Yes, with WhiskerCloud, you get unlimited website changes and logo designs, including color changes. We aim to help you choose the perfect brand palette for your veterinary business.

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