WhiskerCloud builds custom websites that focus on getting more veterinary website traffic! Through SEO, mobile responsiveness, social media, and analytics, we have the right formula for growing your business. How do we know we’re growing your business? Analytics! We track everything on your website – how many people visit, how many times those people visit, what they do on your website, how long they spend, what device they’re using, where they live, and even what browser they’re using. Creepy? Maybe. This is what big businesses do, and veterinary hospitals should be doing it too. We then take this data and use it to improve your website. Maybe they’re visiting a certain page more than others. Maybe they’re using a certain device more than others. Are you paying for advertising? Are you tracking it?


We did something cool. Really really cool.


We took all of our client’s analytics and smashed them into one giant super veterinary hospital. The data told us a story that can tell you a lot about your website.


Seriously, you need a mobile website.


If you remember, we did a big case study when we launched this wonderful company and found that only 18% of veterinary websites were mobile responsive. Well, guess what? 71% of all traffic to our client’s websites were from a mobile device or tablet! 71 %! That means there is a 53% gap in the current state of veterinary website traffic. You’re shocked right now, aren’t you? If seven out of ten people that come to a website are on a mobile device, and you don’t have a mobile responsive website – how much money do you lose every month because your site isn’t properly optimized?



Not on social media? It will cost you!


Some clinics have us help them with their social media, and some do not. Whether we’re helping you with it or you do it yourself, you need to be active on social media. Veterinary clinics that participate in social media get 2.3x more traffic than those that do not. That’s 2.3x more people learning about your brand. That’s 2.3x more potential new clients. It’s 2018 – please get social.



Your clients can come from further than 15 miles away.


Most hospitals claim that their customer base is within 5-10 miles of their clinic. Most of our clinics are shocked to find that some of their traffic comes from up to 30 miles away. We track all of the traffic to your website and where they come from – you’ll be surprised to see that you’ve got a bigger radius than you previously thought. Maybe there’s a particular city or county that visiting your site more often than others? That’s a good time to do some advertising to that zip code! We build SEO that focuses on a much larger radius than 5-10 miles and brings veterinary website traffic to you from further away places.



Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days of the week.


Does it surprise you to hear that the busiest days of veterinary website traffic are Tuesday and Wednesday? It makes sense, right? People are busy on Monday and Friday, with family on the weekends, it seems to check out. Anyways, this is good to know for you. Overwhelmingly, traffic was highest on Tuesday and Wednesday, so save your best social media posts, new blogs posts, and new specials for these days.



Our favorite data point from this case study: zero.


WhiskerCloud websites have had zero downtime. Zero security issues. Zero complaints from our clients.

Have any questions about our data? We’ve got answers! Contact us and ask away!

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