Are you looking to spice things up on your veterinary hospital’s Facebook page? We’ve got some ideas that we think will lead to more engagement and a better overall content strategy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook pages have more eyes than ever on them, and it’s your chance to connect, educate, and promote your services. While we are going to provide some tips for you, we also want to remind you that team engagement and content directly from your clinic is a great way to boost engagement. For those of you that work with WhiskerCloud, we’re here to help you create content to promote information and services that you want to get out there.

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This case study was simple; we worked with a single hospital to provide more photos of their team, patients, and information directly from their veterinarians. Just like that, there was a 70% increase in engagement in a month.

Get your team involved!

This is an excellent time to be front and center for your clients, and be sure to provide them valuable information. Can their pets get COVID? What type of protections can they offer their pets? How should they handle vaccination schedules, feeding schedules, and more? You are the experts they go to for that information, so you should be providing it before they ask. Only your team knows the most common questions that are coming into the hospital, and you can create content around that. Most hospitals are currently offering curbside service, and it’s essential to protect your staff and clients. We can help you create an automated process around this, but your team can create messages and share photos of what to expect the moment they arrive.

Between the automation on your website and the curbside photos you’ve shared, new visits will be painless, and clients will be sure to comment on what a great experience it was for them. In fact, we’ve seen five-star reviews coming in thanking hospitals for a seamless check-in process!

Give a look behind the scenes!

Curbside care means that clients may not get to come in with their pets anymore, and that can lead to some anxiety and stress. You can get ahead of that anxiety by showing them how great things are for your pet when they are retrieved from your car. They may not know it, but your team gives their pet extra attention and love, and everything is done to make them feel safe and secure.

Vet Pug
Vet Dog
Vet French Bulldog

Seeing the faces that they’ve gotten to know and trust over the years with their pets (and other pets) will provide a sense of safety and security. Plus, it will show prospective clients on Facebook that your team goes above and beyond to make their family feel welcome.

Get involved with social media holidays!

Using social media holidays, you can relate to clients and add some humor to your feed. Is there someone on your team that loves Star Wars? Star Wars Day can be a great day to show off a baby Yoda mask worn by a veterinary assistant. Mother’s Day is a great time to share a photo of a mother and daughter combo coming in for their vaccines. This is a chance to get creative, and we’re here to help. We like to join in on the fun, too! (Be sure to follow us on Facebook!)

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Even better, we’ve got you covered with our complete guide to all things social media holidays for veterinary hospitals.

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Be sure to bookmark that guide and use it often. We add holidays as we find them, and it can be a handy guide for you to have at least 50% of your month’s social media posts scheduled out and ready. Jump into the fun and watch your engagement continue to grow!

Use your platform to tell stories!

Every day, your team has a front seat to each patient, their unique story, and their unique case. Let this be the moment you use these stories for a better content strategy. Did a dog come up with horrible oral care? Use their story to help clients understand the importance of strong dental care for their pets. Perhaps you can tie this into a dental health promotion as well.

The amazing Dr. Jessica Vogelsang wrote about this in a recent blog post.

Let’s use dental disease as an example. You could start right off with “Dental disease is one of the most common medical diagnoses in veterinary medicine, affecting 50% of dogs by age 3.” It’s a fine thing to say. But what if you lead in with this instead:

“When Gerry first walked into the clinic, his owners said they could smell his breath from a mile away. His teeth were encased in hard brown tartar, and his gums were an angry red. As a pug, he’s a breed predisposed to dental disease to begin with, so we were so happy Gerry’s owners gave us the opportunity to help him with his teeth.” Use the patient’s presentation as an introduction to your content.

Then you introduce your facts and figures.

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By sharing stories, answering questions, and making sure clients are up to date on what they need to know for their pet’s overall health, they’ll look forward to seeing new content from your team, and make it part of their daily routine. Once you have their attention, you’ll be able to educate them and get them into the hospital for the care their pet needs.

Your hospital has a story to tell, and it’s up to you to present it in a way that resonates with your clients.

Shoot some videos!

We all need a little levity right now, and your team has the ability to provide that! Using your patients (with consent, of course), you can shoot engaging videos of your team singing, dancing, or just giving a behind-the-scenes look at how your team is handling the COVID situation to care for your pet in a clean and safe environment.

Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone to shoot high definition videos for your social media pages. Need an intro or some music added? We can help! WhiskerCloud creates dozens of custom videos for our clients every month.

No matter what type of content you want to share, our team is here every step of the way to make it shine brightly for you!

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